first day of ski since a year

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

welcome to this awesome blog that i just started I am starting this blog just to share some of my fun stuff I do during the school weeks like this story witch I really like. Before you read this story let me tell you why I like writhing. I am boy witch love writhing and reading, mostly writhing and so my dad used to wright story for kids, and I was the person that rated is stories and tell him my dreams so he could put those in to cool and fun story. After a while I started writhing my self cool story witch they didn’t make sense but I like could understand what i was writhing and that is why I like writhing.

School is boring right ?! Well I thought it was exiting for probably one reason. the only reason was that i was going to ski after lunch for the first time of this year. To tell you how exited I was,I was so exited that i didn’t eat much the only thing that was passing through was that i only thought about the felling of sliding down hill and felling the cold air and the snow passing under my skis.

Lunch is finish and I rush in my room and start dressing up. Few minutes after my room mate come and tell me ski is canceled I was depressed until i he say’s “it was just a joke” ( for few seconds i wanted to tell him bad like ) i just replied to him “ha, ha, nice one”. I run down stairs and i take my ski boots but them on (it took me 5 min for tow ski boots) take my back protection, take my skis and poles, and start walking with the other student down to the bus. I arrive to the stair witch are so old there not straight and there so slippery imagine how i was with ski boots on. Yes! it was pretty hard once i arrive to the bus i do the check-in and put my skis in the boot of the bus and them sit at my usual place an waiting to go to the egli on of the hill in Gstaad. During the i am waiting to arrive I start attaching my ski boot and i just remember how tight the ski boot where I finish attaching my boots and the bus stop, I stand up walk out of the bus open the boot and take my skis walk to the cabine and how do I see ? My old ski instructor “Alex”. He recognizes me, we say hi and then I go to the cabin and take my ride up this hill witch doesn’t have to good snow because it is to warm for the good snow to stay fresh until the after noon.

Arriving at the top of the hill I go and do the check-in as require and put my ski on and wait for Alex to came. After everybody has done the check-in the tell us to take the T-poll and go up at the top of the hill, and then up there same principle wait that everybody comes and then the teacher Mr Joly say’s:”so everybody lessen we will test you to put you in your own group so you can have a bit of fun” and then he ask to Alex:” so how do you think can already come in your group?” well all he said was my name and some friends name. we didn’t have to do the test because we already won the gold medal and so we had to show the other how to do the test. It was pretty easy but for some people it was hard because they didn’t know how to ski. when the test was over they did the groups and we started to ski for real. I was in the best group so we when fast and for the first 3 run the snow boarder were invading us but then they left for a unknown reason so we had the slop nearly for are selfs and we did 7 run it was very fun put when we were going to do the 8th run we were running out of time so we decided to just do the check-out and leave.

In the cabin I was with a good friend so we had a little chat and I chowed him they fast way to take your ski boot off and when we arrived down at the station I took my skis and started to do the short walk to the bus then but your ski in the boot and go in the bus and go back to school.

That was my first day of ski since one year.