No “egg”xageration

I had nearly the same experience. I woke up and wanted to do a milkshake and it was brend new so I did it and once piked up the glass part came but the part witch shake fell on the hot stove and i invented the banana and vanilla ice cream pancake!

Dysfunctional Mothers

Some things happen which just have to be shared…I had started off my weekend rather well in motherly housewifey terms. I had shown the vacuum cleaner around the lounge (just in case it had forgotten where it was) and managed to get in a quick shop before I was due back to take my daughter to her appointment to have her hair dressed for a posh school do (note the contrast in weekend agendas here).

I was running a little late, as usual, and, though heaven forbid, mother speeding, obviously took a corner rather too quickly; I heard a thud as my shopping jettisoned itself across the floor behind me. I parked up and as I opened the back door to survey the damage, an egg gently rolled out and deposited its contents at my feet. Upon closer inspection, which wasn’t hard, as an egg apocalypse had clearly just occurred…

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